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Geraldine Mucha – Macbeth and Other Orchestral Works (CD)


Orchestral and song works by Scottish composer Geraldine Mucha.

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Scottish composer Geraldine Mucha is the daughter-in-law of the eminent Czech artist Alfons Mucha, one of the greatest figures of European Art Nouveau art. The wife of the writer Jiří Mucha, she lived her life in Prague at Hradčany, where she was in contact with many important Czech and international artists. Her work as a composer is not yet well known and this production brings brand new unique premiere recordings of both her orchestral and chamber works.

Ivana Troupová  soprano(7-9)
Patricia Goodson  piano (10-13)
Filharmonie Hradec Králové (1-12)
Andreas Sebastian-Weiser  conductor (1-12)

Year of release: 2017

Producer: ArcoDiva



1. Overture to the Tempest

Macbeth Suite

2. I. Introduction

3. II. Witches

4. III. Banquet

5. IV. Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking

6. V. Death of Macbeth and Conclusion

Songs of John Webster

7. Hark, now every thing is still

8. Call for the robin-red-breast

9. All the flowers of the spring

Piano Concerto 

10. I. Allegro

11. II. Andante

12. III. Molto Allegro

13. Sixteen Variations on an Old Scottish Song


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