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Dear supporters, We are very pleased with the number of “likes” on our photos, videos and posts on social networks, as well as new subscribers to the Newsletter. If all those who support us in this way would buy tickets and come to the concert, we would have sold out halls every time. We are sorry, however, that only three people have so far committed to buying tickets for our (in our opinion, wonderful and well cast) next concert “Songs with Moravian Scent“. This leaves us with the decision of whether to make this and any future concerts happen at all.

This year, the expert committee at the Ministry of Culture found our project surprisingly much worse than in the two previous years and significantly reduced (by more than 1/3 compared to last year) the amount of the allocated subsidy. It cannot compensate for the low income from admission fees, which we are trying to keep extremely low by Prague standards.

So please, if you really like what we are doing with a lot of love and energy for the neglected genre of chamber song, support us by buying tickets today or tomorrow and coming to the concert in a week. Otherwise, our efforts will be meaningless and we will be forced to withdraw from performing all of our planned concerts.

Thank you for your understanding.