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About us

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What do the terms ‘Lieder’, ‘Lied’ or ’Art Song’ bring to mind? Maybe Antonín Dvořák with his Gypsy Melodies or Biblical Songs, or perhaps Schubert and Schumann for those more knowledgeable – but there is much more. Even the masters created a lot of wonderful art songs that aren’t heard as often as is deserved. And what about composers from whom you wouldn’t expect songs at all? And finally, there are the forgotten composers who have yet to make their modern debuts or have yet to write their works for us.

Yes, all this is behind the term “art song”. It’s a lot, isn’t it? And we’ve decided to introduce you to it as much as possible, through concerts, festivals, recordings, videos, courses, talks, and lectures.

It all started in Oxford. Yes, it may sound surprising, but it was there that Jan Dušek, the founder of our association, was inspired for several years. The renowned Oxford Lieder Festival has been running there for many years, where Jan heard several interesting concerts, and realised that a similar platform was missing in the Czech Republic. After his return, the Lieder Company was founded.

We are a community of musicians, singers, pianists, and other fans of this somewhat neglected genre. On our “board” you can find leading Czech singers, as well as young talents who have already achieved considerable success. Our ranks are constantly expanding too, which makes us very happy.

Fall in love with art songs as much as we have. It’s worth it!